Thursday, October 6, 2011

Introducing the Blog

Place not only connects us to people from across the centuries, but also provides a physical location for us to meditate and reflect not only upon what occurred, but of the broader lessens from the particular event and even more broadly, as we let our minds wander in free association, to the bigger picture of the American Revolution and what we were, and became, as a people.  We read about the war, particularly from first-hand accounts, the letters and diaries, and we begin to understand that the iconization of the war and its participants is often removed quite a ways from the reality.  This was a brutal war on both sides.  Being in the places where events occurred helps us understand this.  Reflecting on what happened, and the personalities involved, allows us to make connections to other events in our history, and speculate on patterns and our inchoate character.

This blog is about personalizing the Revolution by visiting the places in which it was made, by listening as much as possible to the original voices, by seeing what they saw (through the lens of a camera) and discerning the unique lessons from the particular place.  This is a personal journey by 21st century American citizen in search of origins, of place, of the American character as formed in the 18th century war that led to the creation of the nation.  We are who we are. 

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