Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moore's Creek Bridge from the Loyalist Viewpoint

     It is interesting when considering the battles and physical places of the Revolution to read earlier accounts, particularly commemorative speeches.  On February 27, 1857, Joshua G. Wright, Esq., gave such an address.  Dismissing the Loyalist Scot Highlanders who comprised the main body that attacked the Patriot position, he said of them: "Strangers to our soil, little did they feel of that inbred lvoe of country which glowe4d so warmly in the breasts of our people . . . "

     Rather condescending, considering that all Americans were strangers to the soil at one point or another, and indeed, the soil was already inhabited by indigenous peoples when the settlers came from Europe.  Still, these other Americans--for Loyalists were Americans, fighting for this same soil--poured across the bridge on this sight and for some thirty of them, this was their last view.

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