Monday, January 12, 2015

Israel Putnam

January 7 was the birthday of one of the Revolutionary War's generals, Israel Putnam.  Born January 7, 1718, "Old Put" lived until May 29, 1790, a goodly age for that time.  A heroic figure during French and Indian War, and Pontiac's Rebellion, he was one of the commanders at Bunker Hill.  His command at Long Island, though, in 1776 was problematic; whether fair or not, his importance in command faded but his reputation for courage did not.

In 1758, within 5 miles of Crown Point, he was tied to a tree 182 feet from the marker (according to it) and tortured.  He was a major, leading a unit of Connecticut troops, that was ambushed by a force of French and Caughnawaga Indians.  Caught in the crossfire, and reportedly with tomahawks thrown at him, he was saved by a French officer.  Below is the site as presently marked.

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